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Bhai Dooj-Festive to celebrate the love


The traditional festivals would always be the reflection of the culture of community and society. Moreover, some lessons associated with this is in the heritage of the community and even sometimes acts as a preserver of culture and tradition. When we look at the history, you may be stunned, because every society has their unique traits and customs framed by their antiquity. The uniqueness of framing the ideas have often echoed in every festival. Bhai Dooj is one most common traditional festival of India, which has framed by the ancient people. This festival has framed to reflect the Indian tradition as well as the value places for interpersonal relationships and even in family ties.

History of Bhai Dooj!

Bhai Dooj-the festival celebrated to honor the eternal bond exists between brothers and sisters. The brother-sister is everlasting and this in-depth gives us many feelings. In order to celebrate the bonding, one such celebration has been celebrating since earlier days. When you search around the world, people used to respect the bonding and celebrating with a different procedure, but in India, the bonding has honored by means of Bhai Dooj.

Why celebrate?

The relationship between brother and sister is always unique and are more special from its dynamics and foundations. The siblings from childhood days are sharing the sense of friendship and love that are distinct. And I can pen it bravely this stands unique from any other relation in this world. When you look at different relations, some would come in the middle of the life and some would end earlier, but the relationship between siblings would have started from childhood. They started spending time right from childhood and lasts forever.

Do you know, the bond between the brothers and sisters grow over the years and this is the only thing that not diminishing at any cost. Whilst, their love becomes even more strong after their marriages with separate families. In order to celebrate their relation from childhood days, year people have to celebrate in the name of Bhai Dooj.

Time to celebrate and share gifts!

This celebrating fall after Raksha Bandhan, which is the most popular festival in our country. As with other traditional festivals of India, Bhai Dooj is also the tradition and this also involves many rituals followed by antiquity. Followed by rituals and some other celebrations, brothers and sisters are ready to showcase their love via sharing some gifts.

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